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Well-being and Psychological Status Resources

Burnout often presents itself with a feeling of helplessness, hopelessness, or apathy – symptoms also prevalent in depression and other mental health concerns. Resources on this page focus on promoting mental health, substance abuse prevention, and education about availability of resources for mental health screening and treatment.



Mindful Breathing

This three-minute video by Stop, Breathe & Think will lead the viewer through mindful breathing meditation to relieve stress, calm and settle oneself by focusing on breathing.

Emotional Courage

In this 2018 TED talk, psychologist Susan David emphasizes the importance of learning emotional agility. “When we push aside normal emotions to embrace false positivity, we lose our capacity to develop skills to deal with the world as it is.”


Martin Seligman presents "Flourishing: a new understanding of well-being" at the 2012 Happiness & Its Causes, hosted in Sydney, Australia. He addresses what research says about positive psychology for treatment and prevention of depression.

What makes a good life?

In his 2016 TEDxBeaconStreet presentation, Robert Waldinger presents "What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness," the Harvard Study of Adult Development.

The Power of Vulnerability

In a talk filmed at TEDxHouston in 2010, Brené Brown tells of the insight she gained from her research on the ability to feel connected. She finds that vulnerability is the common denominator in those who feel a strong sense of love and belonging.

4-7-8 Breathing Exercise

In this 2014 video, Dr. Andrew Weil demonstrates the practice of 4-7-8 breathing for stress management. Weil is described on his website as "pioneer in the field of integrative medicine."

Alternate Nostril Breathing

Kavita Maharaj, owner of Red Door Yoga, demonstrates alternate nostril breathing.

Breathe to Heal

In this 2015 video from TEDxCapeMay, Max Strom, author of "A Life Worth Breathing" and "There is No App for Happiness," discusses how anxiety, stress and sleep dysfunction can be minimalized through daily breathing exercises.

Quiz Yourself

Characteristics of Self-Actualization Scale

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Rediscover the principles of self-actualization with this quiz by Columbia University psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman.

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Empathy Quiz

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Greater Good Magazine offers this quiz to test one's level of empathy. Empathy, "the ability to sense other people's emotions," can be the reason behind a greater feeling of personal well-being.

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Emotional Intelligence

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This quiz by Greater Good Magazine tests one's emotional intelligence. How well do you read other people?

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Insights for a Meaningful Life

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Visit Greater Good Magazine to find more quizzes on topics such as awe, empathy, compassionate love, stress and anxiety, altruism, gratitude, relationship trust, mindfulness and many more.

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